American Red Cross Instructor Agreement And Code Of Conduct

3.1 You pay a per-person fee for each student participating in each class and you pay at least the minimum number of students per course principal, according to section 2.4 above. (In the case of a standard basic level that has at least eight (8) students and a maximum of twelve (12) students per course director, if only six (6) students are trained, you pay eight (8) students). For e-learning courses, you pay a per-person fee for each seat you buy. Accessed here to course managers` resources and program updates. 2.2 Only appointment classes to be performed under this agreement and otherwise perform within the United States of America and its territories (“United States”) since the Red Cross has only the ability to request, provide services and support the program in the United States, will only allow its staff within the United States to attend online courses (“e-learning”). If the Red Cross is faced with unusual expenses related to the performance of a class, the Red Cross may demand reimbursement of expenses (for example.B km of instructors in an isolated location or the possibility of accommodation or accommodation for students with disabilities). Expenses must be pre-approved in writing by each of us and will be billed to you. 3.7 If you have an account balance, billing issues or concerns, you can email immediately after receiving the invoice or call 888-284-0607 to report and resolve the request. An approved provider (AP) is a company, organization or individual that signs an agreement allowing the PA to teach Red Cross courses only for people within the company or organization. Licensed training providers are independent training companies that provide Red Cross training for workplaces, individuals or recreational and swimming pool facilities. To start as an LTP, visit the licensed training providers page.

This full-service training agreement (“agreement”) sets out the conditions under which the American Red Cross (“Red Cross”) and its own certified instructors (“instructors”) will provide training to your employees, members and volunteers in certain Red Cross-sponsored rescue and other courses (a combined “courses” and “courses”). C. Non-standard classes: classes with a single teacher-pupil ratio are bloodborne pathogens (1:25, with at least 20 students); and emergency medical response, babysitting training, wilderness and Remote First Aid and lifeguarding (1:10, with at least 8 students). Please note the confirmation of the number of course facilitators assigned. This agreement represents the entire agreement between you and the Red Cross and replaces all prior agreements, agreements and assurances, written and verbal, between us regarding the purpose of this Agreement. Amendments, additions and exceptions to this Agreement only take effect if they are in any event made by an unprinted document, interpreted by both the Red Cross and yourself as an amendment, supplement or waiver. All additional or derogatory conditions contained in an order, confirmation, receipt, invoice, click-through agreement or other similar documents are not mandatory for the Red Cross or for you, as these conditions substantially alter this agreement (and even if the receiving party has signed or confirmed such an order, confirmation, invoice, click agreement or similar document), and each of us rejects these additional or derogatory conditions. 3.5 To pay a credit card bill or pay ACH payments, call 888-284-0607. To pay an invoice by cheque, please provide the transfer instructions with the account name, number and account number and send it to: 2.3 Please contact the Red Cross less than ten (10) working days before the desired course date to request training on that date.

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