Agreement Between Hospitals

2.13 Competitive Competition. Contractors and hospitals recognise the importance of cooperation in all aspects of imaging services in the primary sector of hospital services. In the event that the Contractor is directly or indirectly the owner, administration, rental, staff or any other participation in the operation of diagnostic or therapeutic radiology or imaging services in the primary services sector of the Hospital (defined as ___), the Hospital reserves the right to terminate the Agreement in writing with a period of ninety (90) days. The Contractor undertakes to inform the Hospital in writing at least ninety (90) days prior to the conclusion of an agreement in which it would own, manage, leaized, customized or otherwise participate in the operation of a Center as described above. The contractor shall make available a list of current contracts and the location of the services made available to other undertakings listed in Annex D. 2.10 Use of premises. The Contractor may not use or authorize any part of the service or facilities that are employed, mandated or related to the Holder for any purpose other than the provision of the Services under this Agreement or under an agreement with an undertaking related to the Hospital. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Hospital acknowledges that the Contractor also provides services in other facilities in the region and that, under this Agreement, the efficient provision of services to the Hospital requires the Contractor`s radiologists to sign reports and/or conduct individual consultations regarding inpatients while they are physically at another hospital site. Accordingly, and paying particular attention to the reciprocal rights of the Contractor in other establishments, of a similar or larger scale, in order to enable the efficient provision of radiological services in the hospital, the Contractor may, incidentally, carry out individual consultations or report authorisation in respect of patients from other establishments in the department or establishments. Without limiting the generality of the above rates, contractor may not under any circumstances use the Service or entities or participate in practices that may compromise the tax exemption, licensing, accreditation, Medicare or Medicaid participation agreements, accident insurance, access to funding, or the hospital`s funding exemption status. 3.3 Proprietary Property. Unless otherwise stated, all patient revenues and all non-patient revenues identified with the service, other services or the hospital or outpatient centre in general are the exclusive property of M view, except for revenues generated in accordance with the global pricing rules of certain management care contracts, part of which, subject to an agreement negotiated between the parties, shall be paid to the contractor.

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