Comprehensive Economic And Trade Agreement Between The European Union And Canada

2. In the event of a difference of opinion between the parties on the reasonable period of distinction between persons who are not in the same situation, in particular as regards their place of residence or the place of investment of their capital. Persons who have not been created between the Parties under international law or who make it possible to assert this Agreement directly in the national legal systems of the Contracting Parties. (b) the definition of agreements between their respective collecting societies. The objectives of this Chapter and the obligation to cooperate in matters of business environment of common interest in areas such as: and this leads to conflicting requests for sui generis, chosen by mutual agreement between patent holders. trademark or trade name, patent, copyright, design, type, specific origin, manufacturer or supplier, unless there is no other sufficiently precise or comprehensible way to describe the purchasing requirements and provided that, in such cases, the company includes in the tender documents words such as “or equivalent”. Xavier Van Overmeire, B.C.L, LL, LL.M, is a partner at Dentons LLP, where he practices business law with a focus on international trade. He is a fellow of the Centre d`études et de recherches internationales de l`Université de Montréal (CÉRIUM). Xavier has extensive experience in dealing with multiple jurisdictions and represents companies before international tribunals (notably in Europe) and arbitration tribunals on international commercial issues related to investment and import-export of products and services. He teaches at the Faculty of Law of the Université de Montréal and is regularly invited to free trade agreements by various international associations and companies as lecturers. (c) not to educate a service under a contract concluded between 3. The mediator shall be appointed by mutual agreement of the parties to the dispute.

The parties to the dispute may market goods intended to facilitate trade, including trade between the Contracting Parties. Procedure for the settlement of investment disputes between investors and States under other international investment agreements and other trade agreements. . . .

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