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  • Aristotelis Lazaridis Editor from download3k.com

    Composing music requires not only a great deal of theoretical knowledge but also the necessary equipment and instruments. AthTek DigiBand will give you the power to compose music as if you had your own live band playing your songs! Although it can be customized manually, it’s highly automated and all options are preconfigured once you make a few initial settings. You can also import music files like midi, vsqx and ust and edit them afterwards.
  • JL Quote from GAOTD

    I didn't expect much when I installed DigiBand (laptop, Vista 32, no issues)- but I was pleasantly surprised. It actually has musical chops! I picked a few settings and auto-composed a decent little tune on my 2nd try. A few tweaks, like switching to mid, some different voicing and volume settings, add/delete instruments, and it was rollicking away. Give it a short piece as the seed for a tune, and it will come up with a nice enough tune with minimal help and loads of possibilities – something I can actually turn into a playable piece. I've played guitar for many years and have looked for a composition package to help coax the dittys I make up in my head into real music, and this looks like just the thing. No long learning curve, ability to input via mic so I can hum what I “hear” in my head, great visualization feature, some nice tweaking features, good composition algorithms, and suddenly I'm writing a positive review. DigiBand surprised me: it is a lot more competent musical software package than I expected. I still have loads of things to explore, but just a few minutes with it convinced me that it's well worth having and using. I'm going to give it an "early" 9 out of 10, just based on the initial time I've spent with it. Well done, AthTek.
  • Richard Music lover from Germany

    The new pattern engine is really a brilliant solution, I have thought a lot about how this might look like but your solution is far more then I have dreamt of because: you could visually see how the pattern looks AND hear it, depends on what you choose for emotion and genre, it follows the way of digiband to be as easy as possibil and offers endless possibilities on the other hand, really a fantastic solution. Last new discovery: a second drum !!! How I love that, now could do real Southern Rock, World etc. Songs :-)))) Listen to my music >>
  • wendyvainity Quote from YouTube

    A popular Punk band song (unnamed) turned into ambient music using DigiBand by AthTek.
  • KevinQuote from GAOTD

    I like the fact that this is an idea generator. Like many, time is limited today, esp here in America, where we are celebrating our Independence: but I did not want this one to get away. Thankfully, it is not Band In A Box. I like that proggy, but I come here for something different, and useful. Today's software deliver's. I created one song using the composer: as a musician, and being familiar w/other audio proggys, all fields are easy to navigate, and I understand how they should be used. Once I composed and listened to the first song, I then went back and created a 2nd song. Leaving all fields the same, I simply clicked the compose button again hoping for a different result than the first time and YAY!! A new song using the same parameters. This will definitely be a great idea generator. I like that there is an immediate choice to playback via MIDI or SF2, easily chosen from the playback-multitrack screen, far right corner. Is this software worth downloading and testing? Yes. Whether musician or not, I think you can have fun with it. As a musician, I think this is useful: it launches fast enough to get ideas moving. I'm not always composing from scratch, but when I do, I fully expect this software to provide plenty of creative help.
  • karmacomposer Review on CNET

    I am shocked at how good this software creates music automatically. With just one button it can create an entire song based on mood, tempo, key and many other factors. I ESPECIALLY love the random refresh on each track so that if I don't like a particular music track, the random refresh creates a new one. In fact, I have been able to create some AMAZING music this way! It also has GREAT soundfont instruments that sound very realistic and play quickly with no real latency. Lastly, I bring the exported midi file over to my Yamaha PSR S910 and it plays back the file flawlessly. It's scary just how good this software really is. Simply put, it has no real competition and works better than advertised.

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AthTek DigiBand is an intelligent music composition tool for Windows. It provides a straight way to preview and compose music. You can automatically make your own original music in seconds. No music composition knowledge is required.

Showcase of AthTek DigiBand

Auto composition: enables you to compose music by one click.

Auto accompaniment: improvise an accompaniment to melody or your humming.

Rich instruments supported: integrates almost all kinds of instruments.

Easy for use: provides a straight way to edit music tracks.

Download it now and you would be a talented musician in 30 seconds!