How to Deploy WebXone to a Web Server

Step.1 Unzip and upload all the files in [WWW] folder to a same place on your web server. Both Windows and Linux servers are supported.

Step.2 Type the web address of your uploaded file [index.htm] to your browser. Click to load it to your browser. Address example: <>.
test link

Step.3 If this is the first time you open this test page, you will be asked to install WebXone plugin.
WebXone Plugin

Step.4 After you have installed WebXone plugin, refresh your browser to reload the file. You should see the following page and this means you have successfully deployed WebXone to your web server.

AthTek WebXone

AthTek WebXone is an advanced RIA builder which can convert C/S type program to B/S type web app. It enables software developers to create web based applications directly in C++Builder, VC, VB, Delphi and PowerBuilder.

Users' Review

  • It is an intelligent web based app creator. I can use it to development various applications for my website with C and Delphi directly! Jesus, what a sharp tool! I will suggest you guys to make the created apps compatible with Mac OS in the following updates. Thanks for all!
    ----------- Rajesh from Delhi

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