Psu Articulation Agreement

Many other PA colleges and universities participate in national articulation agreements. Visit to explore transfer equivalencies: A copy of the final agreement is managed by the Office of Undergraduate Education. The vice-president and dean of student training also keeps a record of the articulation agreements approved by the university. All international agreements (original documents) must also be submitted and signed in full with the Office of Global Programs. Transferarulation agreements are signed, formal agreements that offer tangible benefits to CCP students who change institutions, beyond what a student would get under standard university admission guidelines. For more information on articulation agreements and the difference between articulation agreements, agreements with agreements, dual registrations and transfer guides, visit the Academic Partnerships website. International joints are subject to additional procedures and profiles for national agreements and require close cooperation with global programmes throughout the process. Colleges interested in developing a articulation agreement with an international partner must consult with global programs before submitting a CEDA prospectus. The articulation agreements between Penn State University and international partner institutions create important educational and cultural opportunities. Senate policy 06-20 and each of the steps of AAPP A-11 apply to the development and approval of international articulation agreements. To ensure timely, coordinated and informed joints, all Penn State Colleges offering international agreements must cooperate directly with the University Office of Global Programs throughout the development process. The ACUE Prospectus Review Committee establishes an ACUE prospectus program that makes brief recommendations to the college submitting, taking into account the debate on ACUE and strategic and educational academic resources and needs. Copies of the ACUE prospectus are made available to the Vice-President and Dean of Higher Education and, if necessary, others.

A college may begin its proposal for an agreement on articulation and a draft agreement as soon as the ACUE prospectus memorandum has been revised. ACUE-Prospektmemo is part of the articulation process conducted by the Office of Undergrade Education.

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