How to Listen to the Skype Call Recording Remotely

[PDF] In the previous posts we have talked about how to use AthTek Skype Recorder. We have mentioned that you can save the recordings to Dropbox to synchronize files remotely. Actually, there are some other ways to listen to the Skype call recording remotely. You can share any file including Skype call recording on LAN. You can also use FTP uploader to upload Skype call recordings to a web server, and then you will be able to download the recordings from web server remotely. In this article, you will record how to listen to the Skype call recordings remotely.
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Composition Guide: How to Write a Song in Particular Music Emotion

Song writers always want to write songs that have rich emotional impact. An emotional song contains two parts: meaningful lyrics and emotional music. Meaningful lyrics like a poem. It requires nice writing skills and sensitive feelings in your head. Creating emotional music is a more complex work. Even you got wonderful rhythms in mind, you could hardly put it into your music composition. Writing a song in particular music emotion is still a big problem to most song writers. Fortunately, we can do that by using AthTek DigiBand. In this article, you will read how to write a song in particular music emotion with AthTek DigiBand.


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How to Design a Technical Flowchart in Writing Program and Explaining Program to Others

[PDF] Flowchart is a diagrammatic representation of an algorithm. Flowchart are very helpful in writing program and explaining program to others. Different symbols are used for different states in flowchart, For example: Input/Output and decision making has different symbols. The table below shows all the symbols that are used in designing flowchart.




 Flow-line Flow line Used to indicate the flow of logic by connecting symbols.
 Terminal Terminal(Stop/Start) Used to represent start and end of flowchart.
 Data Input and Output Input/Output Used for input and output operation.
 Processing Processing Used for arithmetic operations and data-manipulations.
 decision making Decision Used to represent the operation in which there are two alternatives, true and false.
 On-page-connector On-page Connector Used to join different flow line
 off-page-connector Off-page Connector Used to connect flowchart portion on different page.
 Predefined-process Predefined Process/Function Used to represent a group of statements performing one processing task.

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Half Price to Get The Full Version of WebAPP Kit in 2014

April is coming and we launch a new special offer for AthTek WebAPP Kit. Anyone who buys AthTek WebAPP Kit will save up to $1,000 each license. We highly value our FaceBook pages. If the buyer can add a “like” to AthTek Software and leave a comment to WebAPP Kit on his FaceBook, we will provide an additional $96 for thanks to the contribution. The 50% off discount will be automatically added to any new order for AthTek WebAPP Kit. If you want to get the additional discount, please like AthTek Software and leave a short comment to WebAPP Kit on your FaceBook, then you will get the discount link via FaceBook message.

Buy WebAPP Kit Now with Half Price

hello world
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Top 5 Stupid April Fools’ Day Pranks

[PDF] Not everyone’s April Fools’ Day prank can win a good laugh. Sometimes your little prank just goes out of the line and makes others feel sick. Your April fool’s joke sucks and you were the only fool in the world then. In the following cases you will read how people messed up big time.
Awful April Fools' Day Pranks
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Get Prepared for April Fools’ Day

[PDF] April Fools’ Day is coming soon. Have you got prepared for pranks? In April Fools’ Day, your friends will definitely play pranks on you and if you can’t see through those tricks in time, you will be ridiculed to the bottom. In April Fools’ Day, you should be careful of the people around you. Anyone of them could be the pranker who plays tricks on you. But if you still be fooled like a duck when you were enough alertness, that would be a great prank for April Fools’ Day.
April Fools Day
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Free Google Translate Desktop V2.1.91 Has Been Released!

March 8th, 2014  |  Development Center of AthTek Software
We have released a new version of Free Google Desktop Translator which solve the connection issue with Google Translate online. You can download and use the new version on your desktop. You can also use the live update function inside the program to get the new version. If you are looking for an easy to use desktop translator, Free Google Translate Desktop will be the best choice for you.

Download Free Google Translate Desktop v2.1.91 Now

Free Google Translate Desktop  v2.1.91
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Problem Solved– We Are Going to Upgrade Free Google Desktop Translator

On March 7th, Google released an update to Google Translate, then our Google Desktop Translator cease to work. We have already get this problem solved and will release an update to Google Desktop Translator soon. With the new version, you would be able to translate any word or sentence on your desktop again. Please bookmark our website to check for updates at your early convenience. If you have any question or suggestion, you can leave a comment to this post. We highly value your opinions and will optimize our software as much as we can.

Free Google Desktop Translator

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Exclusive Special Offer for FaceBook Audience- Get Auto Code Generator at $80 OFF Price

We have just launched a new exclusive special offer for FaceBook audience: anyone who likes AthTek Software (Like AthTek Software Now) and leaves a comment to Flowchart to Code on FaceBook, he or she will get a $80 coupon for the auto code generator– AthTek FlowChart to Code. AthTek Flowchart to Code is an intelligent programming tool for software developers. It can automatically generate source code in C, C++, C#, Delphi, Java or JavaScript. It help software developers to design the project visibly in a flowchart, then generate source code directly based on the flowchart with one click. In this article, you will read how to get the $80 OFF discount coupon on FaceBook.
auto code generator
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The Only Call Recorder Which is Compatible with Skype App

[PDF] You can find many Call recorders for Skype in Google’s search result. But if you were using Skype App for Windows 8.1, you could hardly find a call recorder which was compatible with Skype App. This is mainly because almost all Skype recorder software requires desktop version of Skype. If you are using Skype App which doesn’t have desktop APIs included, you are not able to record Skype calls with those call recorders. In this article, you will read instructions to the only call recorder which is compatible with Skype App.
call recorder for skype app

Download and Try AthTek Skype Recorder v6.10 for Free!

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