Indian Railways Contract Agreement

(D) Change in posts. -These changes may be modified at the discretion of the authority that approved the original contract, i.e. existing positions may be eliminated or additional positions may be added. which correspond to general or specific injunctions on the date of entry into force may be issued by the amending authority; subject to both provisions of the rules set out in point (c) above. Yes, you are. In the case of contracts approved by G.M. or higher authorities, the powers for this modification are due to the chief engineer (c.f. para. 628 F). (ii) directly soliciting a limited number of undertakings/contractors (restricted calls for tenders); and 1245.

serious money. The considerable money of the values indicated below may be accepted by a contractor on the railway list of approved contractors to cover the tender for any number of works indicated in the Zonal Railway Civil Engineering Department up to the limit indicated for each amount: – 1265. Modification of the contractual conditions.-The power to modify the terms of a contract, belongs only to the actual parties. Therefore, the contractor and, where applicable, its collateral must be party to any modification that should be the subject of an ancillary agreement specifying what is to be changed in the original contract and what remains unchanged. The drafting of this Agreement should be carefully examined to ensure that the conditions, specifications, etc. of the main order for the modification, or that the modification is self-sufficient in this regard. Such an ancillary agreement should be considered and concluded as new contracts before the amendment takes effect. The contractual conditions can be modified by different authorities to the extent indicated below: the problems raised for the termination of the contract are due to “the reluctance of the company to provide technical documents in accordance with the contractual agreement, such as for example. B the logical design of the electronic switch station”.

(C) Modification of the quantities of goods These may be modified by the authority which approved the initial contract to the contract deemed necessary, provided that the rules of the Indian Railways Act relating to expenditure control are not violated and that the total value of the amended contract exceeds the competence of the authority that approved the original contract; for contracts approved by G.M. . . .

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