Salon Franchise Agreement

The U.S. hair salon industry is worth more than $64 billion, and the total market turnover has steadily increased over the years. (c) where the Franchisee is in arrears in the payment of franchised service charges or advertising charges that are due under this Agreement, or where the Franchisee fails to provide an income statement or other financial statements or gross revenue data or reports under this Agreement, or where the Franchisee provides false information in this regard. 2.1 Adoption. The Franchisee accepts this Agreement and the license granted to the Franchisee and assumes the obligation to develop and operate the Salon, in accordance with the System, using the Marks, in strict compliance with the conditions set out in this Agreement. The Franchisee may not franchise, sublicense or sublicense the rights granted to the Franchisee in this Agreement. In this context, the franchisee agrees that the franchisee has the right to modify, modify, modify, modify from time to time the shape, size, color and content of these menus and, in this case, the franchisee must consult the modifications within three (3) days of written notification. The franchisee also agrees that, in order to promote and promote the brand and goodwill and activity of the franchisee, the franchisee has the right to demand from the franchisee the sites and addresses of other franchisees, as well as the beauty needs, specialties and novelties that may be used or sold by the franchisee or by other franchisees. . .


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