Sponsorship Agreement En Espanol

On March 30, 2020, we updated the application process for sponsorship contract holders. You have until 30 June 2020 to submit an application. Quebec has its own process for sponsoring refugees. For Quebec sponsorships, go to the sponsorship of refugees in Quebec. Many organizations have signed sponsorship agreements with the Government of Canada to help foreign refugees relocate to Canada. These organizations are called the Holders Sponsorship Agreement. They may sponsor refugees themselves or work with others in the community to sponsor refugees. You can also work with other groups in the community to sponsor refugees as part of your agreement. In doing so, you remain responsible for the emotional and financial support of the refugee(s). These groups are called “constituent groups”. To hold a Sponsorship Agreement (SAH), your organization must do the following: If you have any questions or would like to apply, contact IRCC.

INPSR-PPPRRI. IRCC@cic.gc.ca. Most sponsorship contract holders are religious, ethnic, community or humanitarian organizations. Find out how many applications can be submitted by sponsorship contract holders. Find out how long it takes us to process your refugee promotion application. If your organization is not yet SAH, you can apply to become one. Learn more about COVID-19 and its impact on our programs and services. . . .

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