What is "Compose"

Music Compose
  • 1. Write or create (a work of art, especially music or poetry).
  • 2. (Of elements) constitute or make up (a whole, or a specified part of it).
  • 3. Calm or settle (oneself or one's features or thoughts).
  • 4. Prepare (a text) for printing by manually, mechanically, or electronically setting up the letters and other characters in the order to be printed.

  • In this site, "Compose" always means "music compose". AthTek Digiband is a piece of music software which can automatically compose music on Windows. Music compose is one of the main functions of AthTek DigiBand. You can select to compose music with your options or fully automatically at the starting window of AthTek DigiBand. You cannot see and button or window named "compose" in the program, but music compose is throughout the features of the program. When you are trying to compose music with AthTek DigiBand, no musical knowledge is required.

    Compose Music With Options

    Music Compose with Options

    Whenever you start AthTek DigiBand, you will see 6 buttons in Startup Guide. One of the buttons is named as "Make a song".

    Click on this button, you can select to compose music with your selections. You will be asked to select music emotion, genre, instruments, structure and chords, then you can create a customized music with one click.

    The created music is editable and exportable. You have composed music in your way.

    Fully Automatically Music Compose

    Auto Compose

    Click on the 3rd button at starting page, then you will be able to compose music automatically.

    You will create a piece of music without any thinking. By pressing the button, the music will created by random emotion, genre, instruments, structure and chords. No musical knowledge is required. This is what "auto music compose" really means. The program just create fully new music for you.

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