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  • Home Security

    Home Video Surveillance System

    In this case we will offer solution for home video surveillance. Sure, we all use our webcams for communication to friends and family, but have you ever considered that it could be used for other, more serious pursuits?
  • Parental Control

    Parental Control

    Most of time children will not share everything about them with you, but they maybe share their real attitude on the internet. And they don't know what is wrong. You'd better know more about your children.
  • Skype Parental Control

    Skype Parental Control

    Many children start to use Skype at an early age. As parents, we have no idea about who are in their contact list and what do they talk about. It is definitely necessary to monitor the children's activities over Skype and provide help to them when needed. In this article, you will read how to do parental controls through Skype.
  • Business and Office
  • Create Internet App By PC Software

    Create Internet Version of PC Software

    It is the overwhelming trend to provide SaaS on websites. More and more software developers and business owners start to provide SaaS on their websites. But to software developers, it is very tedious and difficult to create internet version of the PC software. Is there an easier way to convert the C/S type PC software project directly to B/S type internet app? The answer is Yes.
  • How to Speed Up Your Operating System

    Speed Up Your Operating System

    An operating system is a collection of files that perform different functions. It is possible, over time, that one or more of these system files has changed or become corrupted. If this happens, the speed of your system may decrease. This issue is caused by the rough-and-tumble registry. Especially for the Windows 64-bit systems, too many keys will be used in 64-bit systems.
  • Open Source Quick Reference

    Open Source Quick Reference

    There are many ways to get the open source quick reference, such as to draw a flowchart for the open source. And another problem is coming: developers need drawing skills to draw that open source flowchart. In this solution, I'm going to tell you the best way to get open source quick reference.
  • How to Create iPad App

    Create iPad App

    Apple creates very popular devices such as iPhone and iPad. Actually iPhone and iPad are famous of the priority of third-party apps. As a modern software engineer, we need to know how to create iPad apps for iOS. Basically we need to learn Objective-C for iOS development. Now we can use AthTek Flowchart to Code to create source code in language C. This means we can create iPad apps directly.
  • Create pseudo-code without writing code

    Create pseudo-code without writing code

    Usually we need to create pseudo-code and flowchart before we start software development. It will be a tedious work and waste of time. With AthTek Flowchart to Code converter, we can create pseudo-code without writing code. The only we need to do is to put the software flowchart from mind to design, and the pseudo-code will be generated automatically from the flowchart.
  • Track Email Clients

    Track Email Clients

    It is important to track email clients in your network. Many administrators are looking for the way to track, monitor and log all e-mail communication - both incoming and outgoing. In this solution, I will tell you how to track, monitor and log all email communications on both incoming and outgoing port within 3 steps.
  • Limit Peer to Peer File Sharing

    Limit Peer to Peer File Sharing

    Peer to peer (P2P) is a great application for sharing files with others. There are many free peer to peer (P2P) software such as BitTorrent, eMule and so on. But the question is, if there are many employee using peer to peer (P2P) to sharing files in the same office at the same time, the access speed will be pull down.
  • Monitor Remote Online Calls

    Monitor Remote Online Calls

    Suppose that, you are using Skype to contact your business partner. Some day you are not in your office when the Skype call gets through. Your employee answered for it but you don't know what he or she said to your business partner.
  • Backup Business Data

    Backup Business Data

    Business is the sole for income, it is important but weak. If your computer was attacket by virus or tojian, your business data is in danger. Now please follow the section to learn how to backup your business data by AthTek Data Recovery.
  • dynamic desktop publishing

    Dynamic Desktop Publishing

    Imaging that, you are going to print hundreds of invitations for an important business conference, you need to print everyone’s name on the invitation for respect. What are you going to do? You need to modify the preset layout for hundred times and print them for hundred times! That is inefficient and wasting of time. But if you are using Print Layout Designer, you will not be assailed by this.
  • Remote Control

    Remote Control

    Suppose that you are the network administrator in your office, you must have the power of everything is under control in your local area network. Follow this section you will learn how to remote control your network by using IP - MAC Scanner.
  • Track Illegal Users

    Track Illegal Clients On LAN

    It is hard to say that illegal clients will not do harm to your network and cause some disastrous problems. Maybe you have trouble finding their exact IP and can do little about them. AthTek IP - MAC Scanner will help you easily find them.
  • Skype Remote Meeting

    Audio Recording for Remote Meeting

    People are usually using Skype for transnational meetings on line, but how to record the meeting is still a trouble. Now we can use AthTek Skype Recorder to get rid of this issue.
  • Happy Life
  • Prank Call on Skype

    Prank call on Skype to get a good laugh

    If you're bored and want to annoy a stranger, a friend, or even a business owner, than making a prank call may be just the activity you're looking for. While you sit there at your computer trying to hold back laughter, you can listen to them try and figure out what the hell is going on. You can just speak to your friends over Skype as usual, and your friend will fall into the trap without awareness!
  • Improvise an accompaniment to solo singing

    Improvise an accompaniment to solo singing

    Do you have such experiences: a great melody come across your head or dream, you remember it but finally lose it because you are not able to record it as musical file rather than to make an accompaniment to it. Believe me, you maybe have lost the opportunity to be a talented songwriter! What I want to let you know, you can improvise an accompaniment to your solo singing easily with music software.
  • Compose music for a party

    Compose music for a party

    It will be very cool to play your own music in a party. But not everyone can compose music for a specified theme. It will require much music composition knowledge and the creative ability. Actually you don't need to learn so much stuff before music composition. In this link I will show you how to compose music for a party in seconds. No music knowledge is required!
  • Change my voice in Skype call

    Change my voice in Skype call

    If you fancy having a bit of fun next time you use Skype then why not try out changing your voice in a Skype call? You'll be able to do all sorts of cool things, from prank-calling your pals as Darth Vader to faking a sore throat in order to get a day off work. You may also want to optimize your voice for a Skype interview which will absolutely enhance your voice and left a better impression to the interviewer.
  • Learn Programming

    Learn Programming

    As a junior programmer, you may not be on top of programming, and you always meet sorts of logic errors you can’t cope with. You need a straightforward tool to present source codes in a easy way to understand.
  • How to reinstall DirectX

    How to reinstall DirectX

    In this page, we are going to introduce you a better solution than the Microsoft staffs have offered to their game lovers. After reading this page, you will be able to reinstall DirectX yourself, and you don't need to reinstall the entire operating system any more! DirectX 9.0c / 10.0 / 10.1 / 11.0 are all supported!
  • How to repair DirectX errors

    How to repair DirectX errors

    In this page, we are going to introduce you a better solution than the Microsoft staffs have offered to their game lovers. After reading this page, you will be able to repair DirectX errors yourself, and you don't need to reinstall the entire operating system any more! DirectX 9.0c / 10.0 / 10.1 / 11.0 are all supported!

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