Musical Composition
  • Composition studies, the professional field of writing instruction.
  • Composition (visual arts), the plan, placement or arrangement of the elements of art in a work.
  • Dance composition, practice and teaching of choreography.
  • Digital compositing, the practice of digitally piecing together a video.
  • Musical composition, an original piece of music and its creation.

  • Generally, COMPOSITION means to create virtual things such as music and the works. Composition can bring human's wisdom from imagination to action and the real life. For example, musical composition makes an original piece of music to the world. Musical composition can refer to an original piece of music, the structure of a musical piece, or the process of creating a new piece of music. Musical composition consists in melody and harmony. Melody makes several sounds in good orders and disposition. Harmony combines sounds of several instruments into a pleasant manner. With a good melody and harmony, we can call the piece of music a nice musical composition.

    Musical Composition by AthTek DigiBand

    Musical Composition 1

    AthTek DigiBand is one of the best auto composition software in the world. You can find "composition" in two places of AthTek DigiBand. You can access both places at the startup screen.

    Click button [Make a song] on the startup screen, you will see a blue button named [Auto composition] on the popup window.

    On this window, you will be able to choose musical emotion, structure and instruments to do musical composition automatically. If you are not satisfied with the selections, you can click the refresh button to redo the musical composition.

    Musical Composition 2

    Click on the second button [Make an accompaniment] at startup screen, you will see a same window popup as above. But in this window, you can do musical composition without a main audio track.

    It has the same options to [Make a song], and you can customize what you want to the musical composition. Once everything is OK for use, press button [Auto composition] and you will get a pure background musical composition instantly.

    Actually, all the main functions of AthTek DigiBand are developed for musical composition. That is why some musicians call it "best composition software".

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