Limit Peet to Peer File Sharing

Peer to peer (P2P) is a great application for sharing files with others. There are many free P2P software such as BitTorrent, eMule and so on. But the question is, if there are many employee using P2P to sharing files in the same office at the same time, the access speed will be pull down. You will feel so hard to open the web pages as well as make a video chat with business partners. More than that, P2P is difficult to monitor that you may lose business secret. That's why many enterprises limit the port of peer to peer. Fortunately if you are using AthTek NetWalk, you are able to monitor P2P from your LAN, even to limit it with in 3 steps.

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AthTek NetWalk - Network Mornitoring

AthTek NetWalk is developed for experienced network administrator. Because of the powerful functions and great quantity of information included, only experienced network administrator can totally handle it by network management skills and morality. If you are not so familiar with network management, you may get lost in great quantity information, much less network analysis.

AthTek NetWalk - Network Mornitoring

P2P Port Monitoring: monitor P2P port even limit it.

Network Detailed Monitoring: tell you network communication details.

Network Analysis: use flexible diagrams to show analysis results.

Packet Sniffing & Capturing: totally monitor packet monitoring on LAN.

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  • Step 1

    Step 1Make sure AthTek NetWalk is connecting to your network.

    If you want to limit peer to peer by using AthTek NetWalk, you must make sure that AthTek NetWalk is connecting to your network. THere are 3 ways to get the connection, you can learn it from here How to connetct AthTek NetWalk to the network.
  • Step 2

    Step 2 Configure peer to peer filter.

    Open your AthTek NetWalk, then go to Event Manager on the top bar. Click to add a new item to the Packet Event. Input the name of limit peer to peer file sharing, then choose the Own Action. Then press the little button to create a new rule on "cut off" action type. After doing this, please add patterns to the Event Manager. How to limit peer to peer file sharing.
  • Step 3

    Step 3 Test to limit peer to peer files sharing.

    Now you can test to limit peer to peer file sharing. Run the client of BitTorrent or eMule, download some files from it, then you can see that the peer to peer file sharing has been blocked in your network. If you are the administrator, you can freely use AthTek NetWalk to limit peer to peer file sharing in your network. AthTek NetWalk can do more for your network management.

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