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My Google Desktop Translator cease to work!
[Already solved!] A hosting error has occured to this software and we hope to resolve it before March 8th.

When translating from Engllsh to Hebrew, the Hebrew characters are shown from left to right, and mirror image. any advise to how to correct it?
You need add the language Hebrew to your system. Please add Hebrew as follow:
1. Click Start, then Control Panel
2. In the dialog that pops up, click "Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options", or in classic view, simply "Regional and Language Options."
3. Click the tab labeled "Languages"
4. Click "Add..." and select Hebrew from the drop-down box. If it prompts for a keyboard layout, select the applicable one. (Most likely QWERTY or DVORAK.)
5. Press "OK" to finalize the change.

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Basic Settings
You are able to configure some basic settings here.configure google translate desktop
Spanish - English
Translate from Spanish to English.
translate spanish to english

If you still feel hard to use Google Translate Desktop, please view how to use.

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