What is sound emotion?

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Sound emotion is kind of specified audio file for Skype Voice Changer. Users can send sound emotions to the contacts to make fun of them. Generally the sound emotion is composed of a cute audio file and a image. You can customize sound emotions and add them to Skype Voice Changer. The most easiest way to install more funny sound emotions is to download and install them below. We are looking forward to add more funny sound emotions to this page. If you have any sound emotion which was wanted to include into Skype Voice Changer, please feel free to contact us and send your sound emotions to pr@athtek.com. Once approved, your sound emotions will be published on this page and be provided to the publish for use. Also you will win a free registration code from us if more than 5 sound emotions from you have been approved by the editor.

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Skype Voice Changer

An interesting Windows application for Skype users which can change your accent in Skype calls. It can also send funny sound emotions to the contacts and record the entire prank over Skype including your funny new voice.

User's Review

  • The Skype voice changer is a really sweet product! I wish i had the money at the moment to buy it, but anyway me and my buddies have a blast laughing even on the free trial. One thing that would be really awesome would to add more dimensions of your voice that you could change, and also to be able to use the program to scramble up already saved music files. It would be hilarious to see some my favorite songs sound like a child! Lol Another feature that would be really awesome is to not only be able to link this to Skype but other voice programs such as ventrillo and random chat sites. I would have a blast messing around with people. This is a great product though! Keep up the great work!
    -------------- Brandon Massey

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