Samples of Webcam Surveillance Standard Version

Local Monitor

Main Board
Video Surveillance Monitor
General Setting
Select Webcam
Configure Camera

As a Client

IP Camera Settings
Camera Setting
Camera Settings
Server Setting

Webcam Surveillance Std

Video Surveillance Monitor makes ordinary webcams into video burglar alarm systems for home security surveillance. It captures image shots when there is something detected. It can also trigger alerts to warn uninvited guys that they're busted.

Users' Review

  • I am really excited to use this product for home surveillance. The installation is quite simple and you can never imagine how practical it is. Thanks to it, I can totally relax myself on vocation. Whenever there are moving things, it will give alarms, so I don’t have to worry whether my properties can be stole when I’m not home. This economical product really helps me a lot by relieving my nerves.
    ----------- Bachmann Lehmann

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