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Web App by C++Builder

[PDF] C++Builder is a rapid application development (RAD) environment. C++Builder combines the Visual Component Library and IDE written in Delphi with a C++ compiler. Generally, it will be a hard work to develop B/S type programs in C++Builder. But with AthTek WebXone, software developers can compile any project in C++Builder to a web app in seconds. No complex operation is required, and you will be able to develop the web app directly by C++Builder! You can have a 24 hours full test of WebXone to experience the advanced C++Builder to web app functions for free!

Licensed version includes but not limit to:
* Full function for web app development without any limitation;
* Free technical support for 3 months;
* Gift licenses for Code to FlowChart and Auto Code Generator.

Develop Web App by C++Builder

1. Software development in C++Builder
Let's create a simple application in C++Builder6 and add a Label control. Set the caption as "Hello, World!". Save the file as unit1.cpp, the name of the project is cb.dpr.

2. Deploy WebXone to project
Copy wxoExec.cpp from ...\WebXone\Public\C++Builder\ to the same folder to cb.dpr, and then add it to project in C++Builder. Add references#include "wxoExec.h" to unit1.cpp. Then add following codes to the OnCreate event:

wxoPrepare((unsigned int)Handle,(unsigned int)Application->Handle);
WebXone and C++Builder

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3. Convert C++Builder project to web app by WebXone
Run wxoConfig.exe in ...\WebXone\WWW\ and choose output directory to ...\WebXone\WWW\. Open the created exe file (hello.exe in this case). Remove all the other items except for hello.exe in wxoConfig.exe.
Deploy Web App

Then press the Generate button (third one in tool bar) to generate web app files based on hello.exe. Now you have got the web app in WWW folder and it was developed by C++Builder.

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4. Upload the web app to server
If the web app runs correctly on your local testing server, you can upload it to the web server. Simply upload the create web app together with _defaultindex.htm andsetup.exe in .../WebXone/WWW/ to a same place on your web server, and then your visitors would be able to visit the web app directly in their browsers. All web browsers for Windows are supported!
Web App by C++Builder

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System Requirements

OS Linux Server, Windowns Server, Other Web Servers
Processor 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above
RAM 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)
Free Hard Disk 100MB space for installation
Browser All Browsers for Windows

Users' Review

  • It is an intelligent web based app creator. I can use it to development various applications for my website with C and Delphi directly! Jesus, what a sharp tool! I will suggest you guys to make the created apps compatible with Mac OS in the following updates. Thanks for all!
    ----------- Rajesh from Delhi

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AthTek WebXone

AthTek WebXone is an advanced RIA builder which can convert C/S type program to B/S type web app. It enables software developers to create web based applications directly in C++Builder, VC, VB, Delphi and PowerBuilder.


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