• How to install Code to FlowChart to my computer?

  • Double click on the setup file. Follow the instructions to install this program to your computer.

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  • How to update Code to FlowChart on my computer?

  • Click the "Help" - "Home Page", you will jump to the software home page. Check for the latest version here by click the link "Check for updates". If you are using an old version, please download the latest one and upgrade it manually for free. Your authorization won't be disabled after update.

  • How to display the flowchart?

  • Click File to open a project (C/C++/VC/Pascal/Delphi), the functions/procedures will be left listed. Select one of the functions/procedures column to load the flowchart. We have already included several code samples into the free trial version. Click file and go to the destination folder to open the test file, you will see the result as follow:
    code sample

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  • How to Zoom in/out?

  • a. Click the symbol Zoom on the control panel.
    b. Click Edit, you can find the Zoom in/out.
    c. Select the flow chart. Ctrl+I = Zoom in, Ctrl+O = Zoom out.

  • How to Shrink/Expand the flow chart?

  • Double click on the multiplex boxes, the flowchart will be expanded.
    Double click on the diamond-shaped boxes, the flowchart will be shrunk.
    Otherwise, you can click Edit to shrink all, expand all or set the expand levels.

  • How to find out the box in the flowchart stand for which part of the source code?

  • The corresponding source code will be highlighted once you have single clicked on the box in a flowchart.

  • How to lookup a specified code/sentence?

  • Click "Search" on the control panel, then type specified code into the form and set the searching filter, Click OK. No matter how large the project file is, all the items will be clearly listed on your desktop. You can also use this function to take place specified sentences.
    Search Code

  • How to display the column serial number?

  • Click "Edit" - "Show line numbers"

    • How to customize the display effect of flowchart?

    Click "Option" - "Options". You are allowed to customize this program as you wish, including to change colours, define the width and box size. You can also change the language settings to your prime one.

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    • How to jump to the cursor?

    Click "Jump" on the control panel.

    • How to generate flowchart from the current position?

    Press F9.

    • How to export flowchart as MS Word/BMP/XML/SVG/Visio files?

    Click 'Tool' and choose a format you want to export to.

    How to purchase AthTek Code to FlowChart online?

    Please go to the Purchase page and choose an authorization type. You will jump to a secure order page. Please fully fill your purchasing info and finish the payment. You will receive your license key as soon as possible.
    Input your payment info below and click "Place Secure Order". You will get your registration code by email after you finish the order.

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    How to register AthTek Code to FlowChart for life time use?

    Click "Help" - "Register" on the top panel then input your registration code. When you have finished, click Register button. You are allowed to use the free trial version for 30 days. You have enough time to completely test this program and make your choice to continue using it or not. You can test it with other code converters, and you will find it is high quality and inexpensive. This program take us several years' hard work. If you like it, please get a copy of authorization yourself. It costs only $119 and you will have your lifetime authorization.

    I have paid. When will I receive my registration code?

    Usually it will take less than 12 hours to approve your order. Your registration code will be sent to the order email within 12 hours after you have completed the payment. If you still haven't received your registration code after 12 hours, please check the Spam/Junk place in your mailbox. Sometimes the registration code will be filtered into Spam/Junk place. Please check that if you still haven't received your registration code.

  • How to get a discount for AthTek Code to FlowChart?

  • Please go to our discount page for details.

  • How to uninstall AthTek Code to FlowChart from my computer?

  • Click on "Uninstall Code to FlowChart" in your start menu, this program will be uninstalled automatically.

  • How to earn money from AthTek Code to FlowChart?

  • This code converter is making profits for our affiliates and resellers every year. We offer up to 85% commission for our best partners. You can learn more details from here.

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    System Requirements

    OS Microsoft® Windows 98/2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7/8
    Processor 500Hz Intel/AMD processor or above
    RAM 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)
    Free Hard Disk 100MB space for installation
    Graphics Card Super VGA (800×600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher

    Code to Flowchart

    Advanced source code to flowchart converter for software engineers and technical document writers. It can fast convert C, C++, VC, PHP, Pascal and Delphi source code to flwochart or NS chart. It can also export flowchart to MS Word, Visio, XML, SVG and Bitmap files.

    Users' Review

    • I am a software developer. I have to say this product really brings me lots of convenience. I will always use this product to examine my code. It is really helpful to have a straightforward diagram to present the complex code. Thanks to this product, now I can save a lot of time for locating logic errors and other problems. -------------------------Alejandro Valdés, software developer from Madrid

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