Find Out Who Steal Wi-Fi Internet

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Many people steal Wi-Fi internet from their neighbors’ network. Have you ever felt that the internet connection was getting slow down? Have ever try to steal Wi-Fi from an open network? IP – MAC Scanner can help the network owner to identify who steal Wi-Fi internet from his network. It scans all the connection through the network including DHCP clients via wireless network like Wi-Fi. If you have recorded all the static IP address of your computers in database, you can easily identify which clients steal Wi-Fi from your network. Besides, IP – MAC Scanner can help you remotely shutdown those connections.

It is recommend to free download and try the trial version before the payment. You are allowed to track who steal Wi-Fi from you by this fully functional free trial version for 15 days.

Track Clients Who Steal Wi-Fi From You

Main Board
IP - MAC Scanner fast scan all the connections from your network, including the ones who steal Wi-Fi from your network. If you have already backed up the connection of your own computers, you can easily identify the clients quickly.
Easily Find Out Who Steal Wi-Fi
It is recommended that to backup all your own clients information in database. Once you have backed up all your computers, you can easily identify who steal Wi-Fi from your network by the network analysis report.
Use Database to Analyze Who Steal Wi-Fi
Email notification
What? You are not home? It doesn't matter! With IP - MAC Scanner, you are able to know whether there are guys who steal Wi-Fi from your network even you are abroad! Simply configure the email option, your network status will be emailed to you at intervals.
Steal Wi-Fi Email Notification
Send message to remote desktop
If you have found doubtful clients connected to your network, You are able to remotely shutdown their connections by using IP - MAC Scanner. We recommend that you send a short message to whom steal Wi-Fi from you, to tell him that you know all what he did.
Send Messages to Who Steal Wi-Fi

If you still feel hard to track clients who steal Wi-Fi, please view how to use.


Users' Review

  • It is really an excellent IP scanner. With it, I can monitor my network in amazing efficiency. First, it is incredibly fast. I’ve used other products, but it’s really my favorite. By the way, the remote control function facilitates my management a lot. -- James Johnson

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