The Best Voice Changing Software of AthTek

Best Voice Changing Software

All-in-One Voice Changer is one of the best voice changing software of AthTek. It enables user to change the voice pitch in an online call. Skype, Yahoo Messenger and QQ International are supported.

File size: 2.9 MB Supported OS: Windows Vista/7/8
File name: voice_changer.exe Language: English
Version (history): 1.5 License Type: Shareware
Release date: October 11, 2013 Expiration Info: N/A

What is voice changing software?

Change Voice Over Online Call

Voice changing software should be able to change your voice pitch over an online call
The main reason of people using voice changing software is they want to play Skype prank calls on their friends. They will call the friend and pretend to be a weirdo who knows everything about her/him. The friends' reaction will make everyone get a good laugh. Therefore a good voice changing software product should be able to work together with popular VoIP tools such as Skype.

PC Compatible

Voice changing software should be able to change the voice of an imported audio file
Besides changing voice for Skype call, voice changing software should be able to work on an existing audio file too. It should supports to import most of the popular audio formats such as wav/wma/ogg/flac/mp3 file and change its voice inside. As it is PC software, it must be PC compatible and focuses on voice changing. It should be able to export the audio file as *.wma file too after voice changing.

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Why do we use voice changing software?

Prank Call

Use voice changing software in Skype prank calls on friends
If you're bored and want to annoy a stranger, a friend, or even a business owner, than making a prank call may be just the activity you're looking for. Voice changing software will allows you to make a Skype prank call on your friends and get a good laugh at their funny reactions. We have an article about how to use voice changing software in a prank call on your friends. You can learn more by clicking here.

Funny Pet Videos

Use voice changing software in dubbing videos or movies
When we were watching funny pet videos on YouTube, we might found that some of the videos has funny dubbings which were made by pets owners. Making funny videos is not a big deal for most of us, but have you tried to add funny dubbings to your videos? Some of the users take the voice changing software as a dubbing tool when they are making videos.

Optimize Voice

Use voice changing software to optimize your voice
No matter it is a Skype call or a recording, voice changing software can help you to optimize your voice in it. If you are not satisfied with your voice, or you want to improve the expression of your speech, you can use voice changing software to get a change. If you are a girl, you can make your voice to be more sweet. Otherwise you can make your voice be more husky. Voice changing software will give you a fantastic expression in Skype interviews.

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How to use voice changing software?

Magic Voice

In Skype prank calls
When you are going to make Skype prank calls on your friends, please start both Skype and the voice changing software at first. Sometimes the firewall will ask you to allow the connection between Skype and the voice changing software. Please allow it and test the voice changing effect by clicking on "Test". You can adjust the scroller to listen to the voice status and find the one you want to use. Then you can start a Skype call to your friends and get a good laugh at them!

Voice Changing for Existing File

In dubbing funny videos
You can record the dialogue with your normal voice according to the video, then imported the recording into the voice changing software. You will be asked to change the voice pitch by hand and listen to the voice changing effects with one click. Once you were satisfied with the voice effects for dubbing, you can export it as a *.wma file. Join the exported audio file in your video, then upload it to YouTube.

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System Requirements

OS Microsoft® Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
Processor 2.0GHz Intel/AMD processor or above
RAM 1GB RAM (2GB or above recommended)
Free Hard Disk 1GB space for installation
Graphics Card No requirement

User's Review

  • This is the third voice changer of AthTek Software. The first one is Skype Voice Changer, second is Free Voice Changer. All-in-One Voice Changer takes advantages of them both and enable users to change voice for more IM tools.
    --------- David Lee, PM of Voice Changer

Other Voice Changer

  • Free Voice Changer
    Free Voice Changer enables user to import an audio file and change the voice pitch in it for free.
  • Skype Voice Changer
    Skype Voice Changer enables you to alter your voice to a specific feminine or masculine accent during a Skype call.

Skype Voice Changer

A funny Windows application for Skype users which can change your accent in Skype call. It can also send funny sound emotions to the contacts and record the entire funny talk on Skype including your changed voice.


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