How to install Webcam Surveillance Monitor to my computer?

Double click on the setup file.


Choosing Destination Folder.


Confirm to Install.Installation



Complete Installation


  • How to use the "Local Monitor" mode for video surveillance?

Select "Local Monitor" modeLocal Mode

Screenshot of "Local Monitor" mode

Webcam Surveillance Monitor

  • How to use Webcam Surveillance Monitor for remote video surveillance?

  • There are 2 ways for remote video surveillance:
    a. Use an IP camera and the "As A Client" mode of Webcam Surveillance Monitor;
    b. Use "As A Client" and "As A Server" modes on at least two computers.

  • How to configure my Webcam Surveillance Monitor?

  • Click "Options" on the control panel

    Monitor Setting

  • How to use the "As A Client" mode for video surveillance?

  • "As A Client" mode is used as a video receiver in remote video surveillance. "As A Client" must work together with an IP camera or "As A Server" on another computer.

    Client Mode

    When you are using an IP camera, just input the port of IP camera to the client side, then you can have your video surveillance in front of the IP camera.

    When you are running "As A Server" on another computer, just click on "Starr" button and you will see a short "password" under it. Get back to the client side, input the short "password", and you will have your remote video surveillance on LAN.

    Remote Video Monitor

  • How to use the "As A Server" mode for video surveillance?

  • "As A Server" takes efforts as a video sender, which must be used together with "As A Client" running on another computer on the same LAN. When you are running "As A Server" mode, the "password" will be displayed at the bottom line. You need to input this "password" to the cilent side computer for remote video surveillance.

    Select "As A Server" mode

    Select Server Mode

    Screenshot of the "As A Server" mode

    Server Mode

  • How to select the camera when I'm using multi-cameras?

  • If you are using "Local Monitor" mode, follow "Options" -> "Camera"


    If you are using "As A Client" mode, just input the right "password" and you will get it from the one you have input.

    If you are using "As A Server" mode, just click on "Options".

    Video Setting

  • How to purchase Webcam Surveillance Monitor online?

  • Click on the button "Get It Now" Buy Webcam Surveillance Monitor
    Then input your payment info below and click "Place Secure Order". You will get your registration code as soon as you finish the order.


  • How to get a discount for Webcam Surveillance Monitor?

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  • How to uninstall Webcam Surveillance Monitor from my computer?

  • Find the "uninstal" file from the start menu.

    Uninstall Webcam Surveillance Monitorl

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    System Requirements

    OS Microsoft® Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8
    Processor 500Hz Intel/AMD processor or above
    RAM 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)
    Free Hard Disk 100MB space for installation
    Graphics Card Super VGA (800×600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher

    Video Surveillance Monitor

    Video Surveillance Monitor makes ordinary webcams into video burglar alarm systems for home security surveillance. It captures image shots when there is something detected. It can also trigger alerts to warn uninvited guys that they're busted.

    Users' Review

    • This little tool is quite economical and powerful. When I go to travel with my family, it is the one that will take care of my home. It is like a loyal guard. Whenever there is some suspected thing moving, it will give alarm. Especially, the customized alarm is very interesting, which pretends that there is a dog in my home, so the burglars might be freaked out. It enhances our home security remarkably --- Anuga Shah, tour guide from Mumbai

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