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Awarded ProductAthTek NetWalk - Best Network Administrator Tool

Screenshot of AthTek NetWalkHow to guarantee the network security is the biggest problem to all the network administrators. According to a report, about 84% of business network exists security problems, about 68% of enterprises has lost a lot of money from the network security problems. If they had a network administrator tool like AthTek NetWalk, they won’t suffer from this kind of lost! Network administrator tool should take great care of the business network and make every network communication under control by network administrators.

AthTek NetWalk plays an important role between your business and the network management. As the best network administrator tool, it sniffs packets from the real time network traffic, and analyzes the traffic data with visual graphs. No matter whether you are an experienced administrator, you can easily handle this network administrator tool in network management.

How to use Network Administrator Tool

Generate administration report
A good network administrator tool should enable administrators to generate real time network traffic report, just like what AthTek NetWalk does. It monitors the network traffic and uses flexible diagrams to let you know the current network status. Utilization trends, Top IP/MAC address hosts, packets distribution are listed in the first interface. The interface of this network administrator tool is customizable, you can preset it as your need.
Report of Network Administrator Tool
All Protocols Administration
Since AthTek NetWalk v2.0, it has included the function of Wireshark. That means this network administrator tool supports all protocols administration. Open the Layers View, you can find all protocols monitoring status. The monitoring status includes who sent the communication query and who had received it, the sender and receiver's IP addresses and their host names, the traffic data size as well as the traffic flow structures.
All Protocols Administration
Packet Sniffing
If you are an experienced network administrators, you would know the significance of packet sniffing. And if you have ever used a cheap or free network administrator tool, you would know that most of the cheap and free network administrator tools cannot do a satisfactory job during packet sniffing. Till there is AthTek NetWalk, network administrators are able to do better jobs on packet sniffing without high costs and low effects! AthTek NetWalk helps users easily sniff packets from the real time traffic flows and make EVERY DETAIL clearly lists in the analytics report.
Packet Sniffing
Traffic filter
Why AthTek NetWalk is better than any other cheap network administrator tool? An other network administrator tool can warn you once there is instrusion detected, and AthTek NetWalk can not only sound an alarm, but also can cut off the network communication before it can reach the destination. It has preset many filter models inside the traffic filter, like P2P model, MSN communication model, etc. You can conveniently configure these models as you wish, to sound an alarm, run specified program, send email notification, or even to cut off the traffic communication.
Traffic Filter
Configure the network administrator tool
The following image shows the items which you can set in AthTek NetWalk. If you are looking for a customizable network administrator tool, it is strongly recommend you to try this program for free! Almost all the items can be set as your favorite using experiences!

If you still feel hard to use this network administrator tool, please go to how to use.


Users' Review

  • AthTek NetWalk is an ultimately powerful IPv6-compatible network monitoring solution that works with WireShark and WinPcap for extra performance and accuracy. The program provides real-time graphic indication of network activities and key parameters, including websites accessed, ports used, network usage trends and a lot more. It is the best among the likes.
    ---------- Editors of 3d2f.com

  • I was greeted by a very pleasant looking program that offered more information about networks than I knew existed. It would certainly help if someone who is heavily dependent on networks... Wow, this is an impressive program. It displays a very impressive plethora of network information! ... I’ve used other packet sniffers over the years, and so far I see very little which might discourage me from using this one. Good job!
    ---------- From GOTD Comments

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