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Awarded ProductAthTek NetWalk - Best Network Analyzer

Best Network AnalyzerNetwork Analyzer can help you to know the traffic status of your network, including traffic size, route, length, as well as the communication contents. The best network analyzer should be able to process all the traffic data throughout the network. It will collect traffic data and make a visible analysis report with dramatic charts. The best network analyzer should be easy for use too. Even a novice without so much experience on network analysis can handle it within minutes. AthTek NetWalk is such kind of network analyzer which can process large amount of traffic data at a time and grant user the ability to monitor all the communications over the network.

AthTek NetWalk is a comprehensive network analyzer for companies to view their network status in seconds. The powerful packet sniffing function make AthTek NetWalk to be the best network analyzer among various network analyzing tools.

What Does a Network Analyzer Do?

Network traffic collection
We use a network analyzer because we want to see the traffic data collect clearly list in a form. We also want to see dynamic charts, key items data, as well as traffic trends in the network analyzer. AthTek NetWalk provides all these function on its dash board. More than that, you can also access to any subreport by clicking on its item.
Network Analyzer
As the best network analyzer, AthTek NetWalk supports almost all protocols. In the layer view tab, you will find the protocols traffic analysis as you expect. You are allowed to add new protocol names to define a new protocol type. Than you will see the customized report in this tab.
Packet sniffing
Pachet sniffing is the most import function to a network analyzer. Only a network analyzer has the ability for complete pachet sniffing, it could be a good network analyzer. When you are sniffing packets with AthTek NetWalk, you will find that it has the most excellent performance in packet sniffing. You are able to view every detail in packets. It is somehow overkilled for some network administrators, please do not use this function in any illegal activity.
Packet Sniffing
Traffic Filter
Besides the network analyzer function, AthTek NetWalk also enables user to determine which kind of packets should be warnning, and which kind of packets should be block from access. You can easily build up packet model in the filter. Whenever that kind of packets try to access your network, AthTek NetWalk will trigger alerts, send remind emails, or even to cut off the connection. We have already prefabricate several packet model inside AthTek NetWalk, such as P2P, email, etc.
Traffic Filter
AthTek NetWalk is an advanced network analyzer, and it allows user to set how to analyze the network status. You can configure AthTek NetWalk to be your customized network analyzer.

If you still feel hard to use this best network analyzer, please view how to use.


Users' Review

  • AthTek NetWalk is an ultimately powerful IPv6-compatible network monitoring solution that works with WireShark and WinPcap for extra performance and accuracy. The program provides real-time graphic indication of network activities and key parameters, including websites accessed, ports used, network usage trends and a lot more. It is the best among the likes.
    ---------- Editors of 3d2f.com

  • I was greeted by a very pleasant looking program that offered more information about networks than I knew existed. It would certainly help if someone who is heavily dependent on networks... Wow, this is an impressive program. It displays a very impressive plethora of network information! ... I’ve used other packet sniffers over the years, and so far I see very little which might discourage me from using this one. Good job!
    ---------- From GOTD Comments

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