Generate Accompaniment for Existing Melody (.mid/.vsqx/.ust/.nn)
-- Tutorial for AthTek DigiBand V1.6


If you have already got a melody with .mid, .vsqx, .ust, or .nn format and want to generate accompaniment for it, please follow the steps below.

Step 1 Run auto accompaniment wizard

Click on stratup guide window.

Step 2 Import melody

Click Import button and choose the format of the melody which you want to import. AthTek DigiBand supports four types of formats - .mid, .vsqx, .ust, and .nn.

DigiBand will automatically identify the Tracks, Bpm, Beat, Key Shift and Name of the imported file. Choose the track and channel for the melody.

Click OK and DigiBand will show the import information.

Click OK and you will see the imported melody.

Click and make sure that the strong beat is at the start of a bar line.

You can click to play the imported melody.

Step 3 Recognize chord

Click button to recognize chord. DigiBand will identify the Bpm, Key, Scale and chords for each beat.

Note: You can also set bpm, key, scale, and chord manually. Simply click on each section, and choose from the drop-down lists.

Step 4 Setting emotion and instument

Choose emtion from drop-down list.

Choose melody and genre from the drop-down list for instrument.

Click to refresh instument structure.

Click to add a instrument.

Click to delete a instrument.

Step 5 Generate accompaniment

Click button, and DigiBand will generate accompaniment automatically.

Click to play it.

You can also modify each track by click .

Step 6 Save and export

Click to save the project for further modification.

You can also export it as .mid, .wav, .vsqx, .ust and .nn file by click on toolbar - Export.

AthTek DigiBand

An intelligent music software application for Windows. It can automatically generate music compositions by one click. It can also improvise accompaniments to audio files, solo singing or computer keyboard playing. It enables users to create original music easily in seconds.

Users' Review

  • The program is really awesome!!!! ... The unique charakteristik of the program is its straight structure and simplicity to use, no other program I have tested so far in this area is comparable in this point, stay with that no matter what happens and what anybody may ask for!
    --------- Richard Schönfeld in German

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