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Never Miss An Important Skype Call

Think that you’ve just made a Skype call. You superior has just referred to some figures for a reception: how many guests will come and how many rooms should be reserved. You are confident that you can keep those figures in mind and didn’t jog them down. Then you make a call to the hotel, and your mind gets stuck when the other side asks for the number of visitors. Ask your boss for the number again? You will not seem so adequate for your work. Continue reading

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Update Your Skype Recorder To V3.9.5

AthTek Software is going to release the new version of AthTek Skype Recorder at the end of January 2011. Continue reading

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Monthly Promotion: Save $299.00 On AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition

On Jan 6th, 2011 we have released AthTek NetWalk. As you maybe know, AthTek NetWalk is one of the most powerful network monitoring tool in the world. And now we are going to put it into our monthly promotion through out the February. Continue reading

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AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition v1.3.49 is Released In The New Year 2011

AthTek NetWalk is the best network monitoring software in the world. It helps network administrators manage their network easily. It runs as a network analyzer by packet sniffing. Flexible graphical interface makes every network activity visible. Continue reading

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