AthTek Call Recorder for Skype v6.90

Latest version: AthTek Skype Recorder V7.1

[PDF] July 15, 2015  |  Development Center of AthTek Software
We have updated AthTek Call Recorder for Skype to version 6.90 with some new features included. The new version is available for downloading since July 15, 2015. Sometimes the auto update could failed to work on your computer, but you can always download the latest version at our official website at any time you wish. All users including free trial users are allowed to download and use AthTek Call Recorder for Skype 6.90 for free. If you are using an old version of Call Recorder for Skype, we highly recommend you to download and install the latest version for Skype call recording. You can get detailed guide about skype calling on cccf .

What’s New?
* Optimizes the hot keys section in hidden mode.
In previous version users can set the popup hot keys to any key on the keyboard, but sometimes the hot keys doesn’t work on some special keys. In AthTek Call Recorder for Skype v6.90 we limit it to 26 English letters and it will be easier for user to pop up the recorder on to desktop.
keyboard hot keys

* Supports higher sample rates up to 48000Hz.
In AthTek Call Recorder for Skype v6.90, users are allowed to use maximum 48000Hz sample rate for broadcasting. If you are a broadcaster, this change will definitely produce better audio quality for your work. You can find this change in [Tools] > [Options…] > [Audio Encoder].
Skype recorder sample rate

* Adds an option to start recording when answered.
As default, AthTek Call Recorder for Skype will start to record the call since you start the call. But if you have selected this option, recorder will start to record only when the call was answered.
Skype Recorder Start

* Intelligently speeds up the recorder when necessary.
The new AthTek Call Recorder for Skype will remind you to transfer the old recordings to another place when there were too many items or they took too much space. This will help you to speed up AthTek Call Recorder for Skype to get a better performance.

* Unselected auto notification is as a default.
In AthTek Call Recorder for Skype v6.90, we make the auto notification to be unselected as default. We found some users don’t even know this message will be sent out automatically when they were using AthTek Call Recorder for Skype, so that we decide to unselect it in the new version.

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