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We Are Planning a New Version of Skype Voice Changer in 2014

We are planning a new version of Skype Voice Changer, and it is hopeful to be available in 2014. In the new version, we will add new language pack(s) and get bugs fixed. We urgently need more suggestions about what … Continue reading

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Webcam Surveillance Monitor V3.0 Will Be Available Soon

We are going to release a new version of Webcam Surveillance Monitor, which will definitely have a big improvement on functions and interface. The new version is in the final testing hopeful to be available in this week. It will use new registration program, so that if you bought an older version, you cannot register your registration code to the new version. It will give you the ability to email snapshots and extend the trial period. I cannot tell you too much before its final release, but you will definitely like it! If you are looking for a reliable video surveillance program based on computer, Webcam Surveillance Monitor is exactly what you need! Continue reading

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At Least $398 OFF– Bundle Deal for Software Developers in 2014

We have started a new bundle deal for all software developers. If you buy a license for WebXone in 2014, we will give you additional 2 licenses for Code to FlowChart Converter and Flowchart to Code Converter for free. This means you will save at least $398 in the bundle deal! You will get 3 valuable licenses in the order to WebXone. Further than that, if you bought the Enterprise License for WebXone, you will get a team license for Code to FlowChart and a license for Flowchart to Code. In this bundle deal, you will save up to $698 in total! Continue reading

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