Parental Control: How you child can be transparent to you?

The fact that many children are not inclined to tell their parents about the things they have done in school or outside home. Be aware that it is a dangerous sign that they are concealing things from you, which is detrimental to the right cultivation of your children. According to my experience and some helpful tips from my colleagues, I’d like to give you some tips about how to effectively make children to tell everything to their parents so that parents can be well informed of the growth of their child.

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Good habits should be cultivated when the child is still very young. Every day after the kid comes back from the kindergarten, don’t just leave them alone doing some homework or watching TV. It is meaningful to spend some time together to talk what has happened during his/her day in school. You may raise questions like this “What interesting things happened today?”, “Do you make some new friends today? ”. With those kinds of question, kids can get the information that their parents are interested in their stuff and willing to share with them. The most important thing is that you must take the period of time a sacred moment, a moment of bonding and sharing, instead of something that is just a burden or a task. Once the talk has been set as a routine, you may have the knowledge whatever your kids do in school and you can be of great help to bring them on the right track of life.

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Second, it is necessary for parents to get knowledge of all things that your children like. Now kids get a lot of stimulus from the outside of the world, and they are overwhelmed by an unprecedented amount of information. It is essential for parents to keep pace with them. If your kids like anime, you can try to watch what he is watching, even if you don’t like it, so the two of you can have something to share with each other. Otherwise, they just think that you two didn’t common language. In the case that your children are addicted to something harmful, such as the video games, you can play it yourself and express your opinions, as it is more likely for them to accept their “buddy’s” opinions. To keep pace with your children is another critical tip for successful parents.

Last but not the least, one more suggestions for those whose children seem to have already set up their mind to estrange their parents. If the situation has been deteriorated to a severe one, parents should take some unusual measures for their kids’ sake. For example, their grades are dropping strikingly and the teacher informs you of their extreme mischief in school. What’s worse your children never want to give any explanation about it. You may take measures, such as spying his internet-using activities by installing a parental control software. It is believed that these measures should be taken only under particular situations.

I hope that those tips will give you some enlightenment on how to communicate and get along well with your kids. Just keep trying and just put your heart into the life task, and you can draw a lot of fun from it, too.

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