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How to Use AthTek Apps for Skype on Windows 8.1

When you were trying to use AthTek Skype Recorder or Voice Changer for Skype on Windows 8.1, you might find that you couldn’t get the program connected to Skype, rather than to register it with your license. This was mainly because you were using Skype app on Windows 8.1, not the full desktop version. Skype app is new to Windows family. As you know, Windows 8.1 is a cross-platiform system for both desktop PC and tablet PC. Skype app has been preinstalled to Windows 8.1. But the preinstalled Skype app still cannot do as much as the desktop version Skype. If you want to use Skype extensions, you’d better install a desktop version instead of Skype app. Continue reading

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