Best Registry Cleanup Tool

Best Registry Cleanup Tool

Redundant and registry errors take up much space in computers, slow down the computer speed and even lead to system errors. A registry cleanup tool is quite helpful to tackle these problems. Useless registry information comes from frequent installation and uninstallation and cause poor speed and stability of computers. RegistryCleaner, a powerful registry cleanup tool, can effectively solve these problems. With simple scan-all and select-all functions, the registry cleanup tool can find thousands of unnecessary and incorrect entries to remove and repair.

It's strongly recommended to buy a registration code to gain the select-all function of the registry cleanup tool. We advise you to scan and clean your computer regularly with this useful registry cleanup tool to boost its overall performance.

Introduction of the Registry Cleanup Tool

How to start a registry cleanup?
To begin with the registry optimization, first we need to clean the wastes off the registry bank. In the full version registry cleanup tool, you can easily select all kinds of registry to be cleaned and click "Scan Now".
Scan Registry
Repair errors
Now thousands of problematic entries have been found. One simple click to select them all, then all these registry errors will be gone!
Repair Registry
Cancel the past operations
To guarantee the safest way to fix registry errors, the registry cleanup tool offers you "Undo" feature! All of your Scan & Clean operations are recorded according to operation time and shown chronologically. Choose the operation you want to cancel, and those deleted entries will go back to your registry bank.
Undo Changes of Registry
Squeeze extra space
Imagine registry entries line up like people standing in a queue; some people stand a farther distance from others, leaving extra space for jump in. Compact function of registry cleanup tool arranges the entries to stand closer, saving comparatively space to fill in all registry keys.
Compact Registry
Take a picture of your best registry status
Ok, I've just reinstalled my OS. Is there anything I can do with my current registry database?
This might be a common problem to many of you. Our answer is to back up the excellent registry database by registry cleanup tool. You can easily pick up the "memory" from this carefully taken "picture" later in the future.
Backup Registry
Retrieve memory
Now it's time to retrieve memory from backup files. Select the restored "picture" and start restore. You can rewind your registry bank to the moment when "picture" was taken. You'll certainly find your combo of this registry cleanup tool!
Restore Registry

If you still feel hard to use the best registry cleanup tool, please view how to use.


Users' Review

  • Native 64 bit version / extremely fast scanning...........after using it for several days now it's finding a whole lot of errors missed by other 64 bit programs I'm also using, I'm still in a bit of disbelief !
    ------- Keith Roberts from Texas

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