For Parents: Keep Pace with Your Children

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The society is moving towards not backwards, so children are exposed to an environment with a variety of new stimulus, which may be brand-new information to the parents. Therefore, it is essential for parents to have the awareness of constant learning new things to keep pace with their children. Especially, as the internet now played a big part in children’s extracurricular life, it becomes urgent for parents to acquire the ability to give instructions to their children about how to use the internet in a right way.

Compared with adults, children and youngsters confront with few obstacles, which surprises and confuses many adults. The real experience for adults is that they have become the “students” of their children after the computer purchase. In a journal published in 1995, there was an article with the name of “Children Have All Got onto the Information Superhighway. Oh, God! They Are On the seats of Drivers!” And that is the fact we are faced today.

In my opinion, one of the best suggestions is that you need to make efforts to keep pace with them and bond with them so that you can discuss the growing pains together. Certainly, it iss easy to say it, but it is also what today’s parents have to do. Just imagine this: there are various books lying on the stall, mixed with good books, bad books, and boring ones, but you are illiterate and could do nothing but let the children pick what they like, how do you feel? The important things are presented in the following aspects also.

First, parents can only know what the computer or internet can do, and fully understand the computer culture when they operate on them themselves. Parents who get a good knowledge of internet can share their opinions about how to purchase floppies and light disks, and they can really assume the responsibility for cultivating their children.

Secondly, parents can take the opportunities to improve their own life. They can achieve modernization themselves, and at the same time it is also a good way to eliminate the generation gap.

Thirdly, keeping pace with your children can avail you of the opportunities to broaden your life. You will be greatly involved in the modern life as a participant rather than a by-stander.

In all, when parents and children sit together in front of the computer, exploring in the world of the internet, they become the real friends who can learn a lot from each other. Learning from the children, parents can retrieve their inside value once again; Growing together with children, it’s the best fortunes for our generation. That is the successful parental control.

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