WebAPP Kit Is Preparing A New Version

We are preparing to release a new version of AthTek WebAPP Kit, which will include a lot of new features for better performance in web app development.

Convert C/S to B/S

AthTek WebAPP Kit is the only programming tool which can convert C/S framework projects to B/S framework internet applications. It is compatible with all the versions of Delphi and it can generate both an installable program and a web app in one time. With AthTek WebAPP Kit, Delphi software engineers are able to create SaaS type web apps directly with the existing Delphi projects.

In the new version, AthTek WebAPP Kit will enhance the loading speed for 2-5 times of created web applications. It will enable rich internet applications (RIA) in one complex web app file for large project files, and it will support more bpl and dll files in the projects.

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