AthTek Registry Cleaner V2 Has Been Released!

November 23th, 2012  |  Development Center of AthTek Software
We have released AthTek Registry Cleaner V2.0 on November 23th, 2012, with a lot of new feautres included. All the existing users (including free trial users) are allowed to upgrade your version to the latest for free.

Download AthTek Registry Cleaner V2.0 for Free

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What’s new?
* Supports to fast scan and clean registry of Windows 8 both 32bit and 64bit systems;
So far as I know, AthTek Registry Cleaner V2.0 is the only software which can take real effects on Windows 8. It can scan and clean registry on Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8.
Windows 8

* Optimizes the UI designs to get better user experiences;
AthTek Registry Cleaner V2.0 has optimized the GUI designs. If you have ever used it, you would find the improvement in the new version. With the new interface, you would be master of your Windows registry within 30 seconds.

* Supports registry defragment;
It actually is the previous Compact tab which is used for optimizing registry. With several clicks, you can analyze the current registry entries and optimize it by clicking Start Defrag button.
registry optimize

* Integrates 5 frequently-used Windows system tools;
AthTek Registry Cleaner V 2.0 has integrated some frequently-used system tools. This will definitely help with the system maintenance.
Window system tools

* Supports to set startup list of your applications;
It supports to add or remove applications from your startup list.
Manage Startup List

* Supports to manage your applications directly;
You can also uninstall any application from you computer directly with AthTek Registry Cleaner V2.0. Simply click the Uninstall tab next to Startup in the above image and you will see the options.

* Supports to preset a schedule for regular registry cleanup and optimization;
The new AthTek Registry Cleaner supports to setup a schedule for your registry scanning and cleaning automatically. You can setup the schedule to make it to scan and clean your PC on Saturday monitoring weekly, and then you can totally free of the registry problems because AthTek Registry Cleaner will finish all the rest tasks automatically as you wish.
scanning schedule

* Supports fast/deep registry backup and optimize;
If you have ever used AthTek Registry Cleaner, you would probably know that it is the fastest registry cleaner for you can find. The new version has extended the scanning depth for you can find more registry entries by this extreme program.
extreme scanning depth

* Supports to backup the registry automatically when system starts;
Each time you start AthTek Registry Cleaner V2.0, it will create a new registry backup in seconds. If you have met any unexpected system errors in using Windows, you can get your registry recovered effortlessly with the backup file. It can help you to keep up to 10 auto backup files, and the newer one will overwrite the oldest one if the program created the #11 backup file.

* Supports Ignore list in registry scanning;
You can set an Ignore list to your registry entries as you wish. Once you have set the Ignore list, those items in this list will not be found in the following scanning and cleaning tasks.

* Supports new item “Invalid MUI Referer” in registry scanning;
“Invalid MUI Referer” stands for the never used skins and colors of other applications. You can remove all of them to boost the system response.

* Supports online live update for free.
AthTek Registry Cleaner V2.0 supports free online updates. This means you don’t need to manually download the setup file from our official website from now on. You can just upgrade your version to the latest one for free with one click.

As the best registry cleanup tool, AthTek Registry Cleaner are protecting tens of thousands of computers from system errors and crashes. If you have any question or suggestion about AthTek Registry Cleaner V2.0, please feel free to leave your commend below. We will response to your comments ASAP. A discount coupon will be sent to you for thanks!

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