Special Offer for AthTek DigiBand in 2013 – 40% OFF

The previous special offer for AthTek Parental Control Software has been expired, and the new special offer for AthTek DigiBand is already available on our official website. Anyone who purchased AthTek DigiBand in May will enjoy 40% price off from the regular price $49.95. If you are looking for an intelligent music composition software, the current special offer was what we highly recommended!

Buy AthTek DigiBand with 40% OFF Price

AthTek DigiBand

AthTek DigiBand is an useful and reliable software that provides users with a simple means of composing and personalizing music on their computer. With its user friendly interface, you have the possibility to import an existing audio file in order to improvise an accompaniment to it. The application supports almost all the instruments including bass, drum, piano and guitar. Also, it allows you to choose the type of each instrument. Even you are not so skilled in music composition, you can make your own original music with AthTek DigiBand.

If you are a musician or you like to have your own music, AthTek DigiBand is a good mate you should never miss. You would be able to get a completely new music in seconds. At least you will get inspirations from its improvisation. Buy now you can save as much as 40% from its regular price.

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