New Software Is Coming! All-in-one Voice Changer

All-in-One Voice Changer Has Been Launched!

As you know, we already have two voice changers: Skype Voice Changer and Free Voice Changer. We are now going to release a new voice changer (we really love voice changer applications, yes?) in a few days. The new voice changer would be able to change your voice pitch in online calls. It will not only be able to work with Skype, but also other IM tools such as Yahoo messenger, QQ, etc.

Though it will support to change voice for more IM tools, the price of All-in-one Voice Changer will be a little lower than Skype Voice Changer (not free). That was because All-in-one Voice Changer is not compatible with Windows XP and it doesn’t include the voice recorder in it.

We are new to multimedia tools. The first multimedia tool of us is AthTek Voice Recorder in 2010. But we really love voice changer so much, and that is why we released 3 voice changers since in 400 days. Hope we could be the best voice changer provider in the future!

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