If You Have Received The Popup Warning of Skype, Please Read This Article to Find The Answer

Update: Skype will be extending support for its desktop API in Skype call recording.

[PDF] Event: On July 13, 2013, Microsoft announced via an email to developers that it would end support for its Skype Desktop API and Skype Kit API, and effectively closed new submissions to the Skype App Directory. The Desktop API will cease to function in September 2013. Chris Andrews, Head of Skype Developer Program, sent the email.
Skype Stops Desktop API

When you upgrade to Skype 6.9, you will be seeing a message in Skype letting you know that Skype will stop 3rd party applications to access Skype. A warning message pop up “We want to let you know that your XXX.exe app will stop working with Skype starting in December 2013. Does this mean we cannot use AthTek Skype Recorder and Skype Voice Changer anymore since December 2013?

Nope, we won’t close the projects for these two programs and you can still use AthTek Skype Recorder and Skype Voice Changer after December 2013! The message shows that Skype will stop desktop APIs by the end of 2013. Most of the apps are built by desktop APIs and that is why Skype said that our app will stop working by then. But Skype will use URIs to take place of desktop APIs, we can definitely continue the Skype recorder and voice changer projects with URIs. We have already got ready for this change and once the desktop APIs expired, we will release the new versions of AthTek Skype recorder and voice changer.

So, how to against the popup warning by Skype? As of Skype 6.11 the Desktop API will be physically removed from the Skype application. For the time being we strongly recommend to downgrade back to Skype 6.8 until we see how this plays out. (Download Skype 6.8 Now). Please also turn off Skype automatic updates to prevent the warning message popup. Open Skype > Tools > Options… > Advanced > Automatic Updates > Turn off automatic updates, then the warning message will be prevented.

Turn Off Skype Automatic Updates

Once Skype started to close its APIs, we will release the new versions at once and you will be able to use the programs as usual. If you have any further question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us.

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