Make a Video Surveillance System for Home Security in Holidays

[PDF] Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Maybe you want to hang out with friends in holidays, maybe you want to visit your family at the New Year. If you are not at home in holidays, you’d better make a video surveillance system for home security. To protect your important documents Houston Business Security is the best option for you. According to a research,  the total cost of holiday stolen ham is estimated at more than $10,000 in London. If you don’t want to be one of the victims, please read the following article to find a solution to stolen ham in holiday.

stolen ham

First of all, you should get a webcam as the security camera. You can find some good webcams in Amazon. Generally, this will cost you about $30 – $80 if it was an IP camera. Of cause you can use a wired camera if you don’t like IP camera. You should consider how many places you want to monitor, then you would know how many cameras you need to buy.  You can also appoint professional firm like SecurityInfo who can provide you surveillance camera system in more cheap price.

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Second, you can download and install Webcam Surveillance Monitor from our website. Webcam Surveillance Monitor is a video monitoring program which can capture snapshots and make an alarm once there were events. It can help users to avoid stolen ham in holidays. It can work together with both wired and IP cameras in video surveillance.

Webcam Surveillance Monitor

Third, open Webcam Surveillance Monitor and get the camera connected to it. Make the camera towards the place you want to monitor and test the sensitivity setting. Once everything was OK, you can feel free to hang out with your friends or visit your family in holidays. If any uninvited guy want to access your house without your permission, Webcam Surveillance Monitor will capture what it saw and warn the uninvited guy before his access. If you can login your computer remotely, you would be able to perform video surveillance remotely. In one word, Webcam Surveillance Monitor enables you to enjoy your holidays without any worry about stolen ham.

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We also prepared some New Year gifts for you. The first Christmas gift is, you can get Webcam Surveillance Monitor with a 20% OFF price in our holiday deals 2014. It’s our final special offer in 2013. The second gift is, you have the opportunity to win a $20 Amazon gift card in our holiday deals 2014. And as always, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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