What to Do in the Heavy Snow Storm of 2014

[PDF] The north-eastern US has been hit by a major winter storm, with 53cm (21 inches) of snowfall recorded in one town in Massachusetts. The storm brings heavy snow to the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley and freezing rain from the Deep South, along the Appalachians into New England. The governors of New York and New Jersey declared a state of emergency and urged residents to stay indoors as a major storm hit the northeastern United States on Thursday, bringing heavy snow and delaying or canceling thousands of flights. “Please, starting this evening, stay indoors to the maximum extent possible,” de Blasio asked. “Stay out of your cars to the maximum extent possible. If you don’t need to go out, don’t go out.”

What to do in the heavy snow storm of 2014 at home? We have already prepared some ideas for you. Hope you could enjoy your time at home.

For Broadcasters:
Broadcasters can start a public video conference on Skype to report the real-time snow storm locally. Broadcasters can record Skype video conference and share it on FaceBook, Twitter or Google+ to let more people know the disaster. AthTek Skype Recorder can help broadcasters to record Skype conference in high quality video file.

For Students:
Students cannot go to school in the heavy snow storm, but students can record online classes by AthTek Skype Recorder. Skype provides various online classes in its education subsite. Skype users can search and join any of the classes online. With this, students can learn at home in snow storm.

For Family Members:
If you are in the heavy snow storm, maybe you have already answered the call from your family members or friends. I will suggest you to contact your family and friends every day in snowstorm to reassure an emergency. If you are traveling to your family then make sure you are in a taxi with baby seat. When you Skype your family or friends to reassure emergency, you can use AthTek Skype Recorder to record the conversation.

For Music Composers:
Music composers can write songs in snow storm at home. There is heavy snow storm outside, as a music composer, you must have some ideas in your music composition. With AthTek DigiBand, you can enjoy the composing time in snow storm days. Make the snow storm to be a beautiful song in your house.
start page of AthTek DigiBand

For Software Developers:
Working at home is a nice choice for software developers. If you want to have an efficient software development at home, I will recommend you to use some helpful programming tools of AthTek Software. With these programming tools, you can covert source code to flowchart, auto generate source code and convert PC based programs to web based applications.
All Source Code

For Video Game Players:
What do video game players can do in snow storm days? Absolutely play video games at home! Snow time is gaming time. But if you have met DirectX errors when playing games, you will have a problem. No one wants to work in heavy snow storm and you can hardly get someone who can fix DirectX error for you these days. Fortunately you can download and install Reinstall DirectX EZ on your computer which can solve any DirectX problem on your computer completely and effortlessly.

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