Students: What to Do in the Heavy Snow Storm of 2014 – Learn via Skype Lessons

[PDF] It’s so cold, even polar bears and penguins were being kept indoors Monday. The bitter cold that a “polar vortex” is pushing into much of the United States is not just another winter storm. It’s the coldest in 20 years in many areas. The South was downright balmy compared to the Great Lakes region, where temperatures hovered in the negative 20s — before wind chill, which dropped temps to the negative 40s and in places like Minneapolis. In Scotland, Northern Ireland, North East of England and other regions, because the snow caused traffic chaos serious potential, hundreds of schools closed. — reference by EXPRESS.
Chicago freezing

What can students do in the frozen cities when schools are closed? Students can learn via Skype lessons online. Skype is a free and easy way for teachers to open up their classroom. Using Skype in the classroom, you can meet new people, talk to experts, share ideas and create amazing learning experiences with teachers from around the world. Skype in the classroom allows you to participate in Skype lessons around the world. With over 75,420 teachers already online, you’ll find unlimited inspiration to learn anything online. There is a lot you can do on Skype in the classroom, but it’s worth noting that this is a community for education-related endeavors, not personal or commercial projects. Once you’ve created a profile with some details about yourself, you can begin to create your own projects. Within minutes you’ll be sharing your thoughts with the network and finding partner classes, teachers and guest speakers.

Now follow several steps to join your Skype lessons in the heavy snow storm at home!

1. Go to and sign in with your Skype account. If this is the first time you use Skype in the classroom, you will be asked to create your profile for registration. Your screen name, email and location are required in the registration page.

2. When you have created your profile, you can go ahead to find and register for a lesson. Type the keyword of what you interest and click to search. The web page will show many related lessons or teachers online. Find the one you want to have and click on it to access. You will see the introduction to the lesson. Register for this lesson to participate in it.

3. You will be asked to choose a time slot to participate in the project. It is recommended to contact the project holder and get prepared for the online lessons.

4. If you are not gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, you’d better record Skype lessons for future reference. AthTek Skype Recorder is a recommended recording tool for you to record Skype lessons easily in high quality.
Skype Class

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