Problem Solved– We Are Going to Upgrade Free Google Desktop Translator

On March 7th, Google released an update to Google Translate, then our Google Desktop Translator cease to work. We have already get this problem solved and will release an update to Google Desktop Translator soon. With the new version, you would be able to translate any word or sentence on your desktop again. Please bookmark our website to check for updates at your early convenience. If you have any question or suggestion, you can leave a comment to this post. We highly value your opinions and will optimize our software as much as we can.

Free Google Desktop Translator

Free Google Desktop Translator is a lightweight application for Windows. It doesn’t require to be installed to computer before using. You can just download it to your desktop and it would be able to translate most languages in the world directly. It can automatically translate the text content in clipboard. It can also automatically copy the translation result to clipboard. If you are looking for a simple, smart and free desktop translator, this software would be the best choice for you!

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