We Are Planning a New Version of Skype Voice Changer in 2014

We are planning a new version of Skype Voice Changer, and it is hopeful to be available in 2014. In the new version, we will add new language pack(s) and get bugs fixed. We urgently need more suggestions about what functions should be added to the new Skype Voice Changer. If you have any idea about Skype Voice Changer, please contact us to submit your opinions. We will give a legal license for thanks to your suggestion. We highly value your suggestion and would love to make a change based on your suggestion. Let’s make Skype Voice Changer better together!
who are u in Skype

Skype Voice Changer is a prank application for Windows user. It gives user the ability like a senor spy to change accent in Skype calls. Your friend won’t know who you are in the Skype call! You can pretend to be a girl or a robot to talk to them and listen to the funny response in a dumbfounded face. Yes, you will be a FBI who know all about him/her, but he/she don’t know who you are. Get ready to call your friend all laugh at them for a whole day!

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