Skype Voice Changer V2.0 Has Been Released!

September 27, 2012  |  AthTek Software
We have just released a new version of Skype Voice Changer – the most hottest application in Skype App Directory. It is a major update and we have included a lot of new features into Skype Voice Changer. I will highly recommend you to download the free trial for a try. It will bring new user experiences in using Skype!

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Voice Changer for Skype

What’s New?
* Greatly improve the UI designs for better user experience;
As the first version of Skype Voice Changer, the interface of V1.0 is somehow too simple and crude. We redesigned the UI of Skype Voice Changer to make it more clear and user friendly to our users. The new interface is composed of three parts: voice changing, sound emotions and Skype call recorder.
Upgrade Skype Voice Changer

* Add many funny sound emotions;
The most interesting update this time! We have added many funny sound emotions into Skype Voice Changer. When you are on a Skype call, you can pick up a sound emotion and send it to your contacting. We have integrated 5 popular sound emotions into Skype Voice Changer. You can customize sound emotions yourself with audio files (WAV. MP3, OGG and FLAC) locally. You can also download more free sound emotions from our official Free Emotions page. If you wish to share your customized sound emotions to other users, you can submit them to with the audio files and their icons. We would appreciate your contribution and would love to provide a free registration code of Skype Voice Changer for thanks.
free sound emotions

* Add 5 voice pitch states for fast voice changing;
In Skype Voice Changer v1.0, you can only change your voice by moving the voice changing bar and test it manually. In the new update, we added 5 frequently used accents status for you to quickly pick up an accent and use it in the Skype call. The 5 frequently used accents are Dinosaur, Male, your Normal Voice, Female and Cat. If you are using a free trial version, you can only use Normal Voice and Cat.
accent status

* Support to change the color of user interface;
Skype Voice Changer v2.0 supports to change the background color for better personalized needs. If you don’t want to change the background color, it will be in the system default style.

* Take the new free trial policy.
The previous version allows user to change voice in a Skype call for 3 minutes for free, record Skype call for 3 minutes for free and change voice for an imported music. We change the policy in Skype Voice Changer V2.0. In the new version, the time limitation was cut to 1 minute and the background music voice changing features has been removed. But the free trial version supports to send 3 sound emotions for free each call.

Skype Voice Changer has been included into Skype App Directory. If you have any comments on this application, you can submit it Skype App Directory. This application has been downloaded for tens of thousands of times last week and has been praised by many users all over the world. If you want to try new tricks on your friends with Skype, Skype Voice Changer is the exact app you should never miss!

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