Best Registry Cleanup Tool – AthTek Registrycleaner v1.07 Has Been Released

November 2, 2011 Develop Center of AthTek Software
The best registry cleanup tool – AthTek Registrycleaner v1.07 has been released, with a lot of new features included into the new update. Download free trial of the best registry cleaner and start using it 15 days for free!


What’s new?
* 15-day full functional free trial;
* Enhance the compatibility with Windows XP 64 bit and 2003;
* Optimize the scanning results window;
* Enable fully expand the scanning results;
* Add tip bubbles to show details of the scanning results;
* Enable to access items’ location from the scanning results (like to run ‘regedit.exe’);
* Support to export the scanning results to *.html file;
* Enable to ignore specified registry items;
* Fix spelling errors in v1.06.

Registrycleaner is designed for Windows users to fast scan and clean the registry. It enables you to manage the registry without any registry knowledge. Registrycleaner can also subtly optimize the registry, to boost your system speed. It does NOT like any other registry tool that they profess the ability to handle the registry on 64-bit systems but actually not. Registrycleaner has the real ability to manage a 64-bit registry!

Read this press release in PDF format

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