AthTek NetWalk v2.2.42 Has Been Released!

February 6, 2012    Development Center of AthTek Software
We have just released new versions of AthTek NetWalk, with many new features included. You can now download AthTek NetWalk Free Trial Edition to try the new features yourself, and you will find AthTek NetWalk has greatly enhanced its packet analyzing functions for easily troubleshooting.

Download Free Home Edition V2.2.42

What’s new?
1. Support to capture up to 8G trace file.
In the previous versions, AthTek NetWalk can open up to 4GB packet files, but only capture 256MB packet files. With AthTek NetWalk v2.2.42, users are allowed to capture up to 8GB packet files in one time! This means even you leave AthTek NetWalk to capture packets for a long time, it still will be a single large complete trace file.

2. Enhance the event trigger.
Now you can set it to be time-based trigger, filter-based trigger and event-based trigger. This means you can make AthTek NetWalk to be intelligent in network monitoring and packet capturing. Visit us for new released at salbreux-pesage .You can set the packet capturing length, or set the packet filter for capturing, or even to set it based on event types.
configure trigger

3. Show events in hosts, flows, application nodes and connection charts for easier troubleshooting.
In the new version, we add several flags to show the event levels of all the network communications. For example, green stands for informational events; yellow stands for minor events; orange stands for major events; red stands for severe events. This will greatly help in fast locate the suspicious connections in troubleshooting.
Packet Decoding

4. Add an advanced event tab.
Besides the Statistic Event and Packet Tab, we add a new Advanced Tab in AthTek NetWalk v2.2.42. The Advanced Tab is set for analyzing some complex and typical events. It will synthesize various packet sniffing results and recalculate the relations between each traffic nodes. Finally it will tell you which part is safe and which other is suspicious.

Advanced Packet Capture

5. Upgrade Wireshark core program.
Upgrade Wireshark from v1.6.1 to v1.6.5.

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