April Fools Day Pranks by Skype Voice Changer

With 4/1 coming up, have you prepared some pranks for April Fools Day? If not, it’s time to learn some popular and new pranks for your holiday! We collect some nice April Fools Day Pranks in this post for you. Please read this post carefully and take your time to be a master of April Fools Day!
April Fools Day

10. Borrow someone’s cell phone and change the language setting to a foreign language.
9. Change the language for Google on someone’s computer.
8. Change the coffee in the office coffee maker to decaf.
7. Swap the signs on the men’s and ladies’ rest rooms.
6. Hide scented air fresheners all over someone’s office.
5. Add food coloring to milk that comes in a cardboard container.
4. Add food coloring to the windshield washer fluid of someone’s car.
3. Switch around random keys on someone’s keyboard who isn’t a very good typist.
2. Switch the Push and Pull signs on a set of doors.
1. Install Skype Voice Changer on your computer and call someone. You can change your voice pitch flexibly to be a girl or a robot. You will pretend to be someone else calling your friends and make fun of them as you wish! For more info visit pruittvillefarms .

Voice Changer for Skype

Here are some stories of April Fools Day:

From roocketfish @ reddit.com
My dad was leaving work when a software program his friend needed came in the mail. Seizing the opportunity, my father carefully opened the package, removed the CD , replaced it with a Billy Joel CD, shrink wrapped it and put it back in the mail. The next day, my dad heard his friend on the phone cursing out the company that sent the program. He waited until the phone call was over to come clean.

From rincewind4x2 @ reddit.com
This girl i know is really annoying and condescending about my driving, so I superglued a whistle to the underside of her front bumper. I then forgot about it, and a few days later saw an angry facebook status about how she spent hundreds of dollars taking it into a mechanic due to the noise.

From barnettdajoo @ reddit.com
I brought a wireless mouse into class and connected it to the back of my teachers computer so he couldn’t see the USB. When he had his screen on the smart board i used my mouse and exited out of everything and kept doing the same thing until he realized it. I then did the same thing during my next 5 classes.

Can’t wait for a try? Write your story below in the comment field and share it to our readers now!

Collections of April Fool’s Day Pranks PDF

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