New Style Christmas Gift — Write a Song for People Who You Care About

[PDF] 2013 Christmas is coming soon. Maybe you have got ready for Christmas gifts now. If you haven’t got ready yet, here is an idea of Christmas gift for you! Traditionally, we will buy some food, dress,  books, or electronic products before Christmas and send them out as Christmas gift. Most of time, you have racked your brain but still don’t know what Christmas gift should buy. Here we provide a Christmas gift idea for you — if you don’t want to be threadbare in Christmas gift, you can write a song for people who you care about.

To most of us, writing songs is still a dream because we are tone deaf. Even we have learnt some basic musical knowledge, but still it is an impossible mission to write a real song. Fortunately, there are some automatic music makers such as AthTek DigiBand which can help us to write a song quickly. So, you need to install AthTek DigiBand to your computer before you can write songs as Christmas Gifts. If you have already installed it, now let’s see how to make a musical Christmas Gift in minutes:

Step.1 Open AthTek DigiBand and Click on “Make a Song”. If you already have a vocal and you just need an accompaniment, please click on “Accompany your humming”. I will take “Make a song” as an example to let you know how to quickly write a completely new song. In the opening Composition Guide, please select a festivous emotion such as Happiness or Satisfaction. Most of the festival music is in 4/4 beat. Choose a music genre in Instrument. Now you can click Auto Composition button to generate the song.

Step.2 listen to your music and optimize it if needed. If you don’t like it, you can also refresh the entire music to get a new one until you feel satisfied with it. When it is the music you want, you can export it as MIDI or WAVE file directly.
Preview Music Compostion

Step.3 write lyrics for your new music and record it as a complete song. I will advice that you can write down what you want to say at the end of 2014. You can also make it to be prank music which can make everybody laugh. You can also upload it to YouTube and ask for advice from your audiences. When it was Christmas, you can play or sing it to people who you want to send this Christmas gift to.
original music

Another good news is: AthTek DigiBand is now in our holiday deals 2014. You can get it with 20% price OFF and an instant registration key. Make it or not, I would say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” to you all the same!

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