Make a Santa’s Skype Video Call to Your Kids and Ask What Christmas Gift They Want

[PDF] Christmas is coming soon in a few days. Have you got Christmas gift for your kids prepared? Do you know what they want? Obviously we don’t want to ask them directly. Sometimes we put on Santa’s dress then ask the little kids what Christmas gift they want. Especially this year where kids are preferring scooters on and other things they can ride on, getting the best gift can be fun. But if you are not a good Santa actor or you are not at home, this wouldn’t be a good idea. Actually, you can act Santa and make a Skype video call to your kids.  Visit us digitalinnovationshow for more details. When it was a Skype video call, it would just like your kids are chatting with Santa. You kids will tell Santa what Christmas gift they actually want and more… In the following article, I will teach you how to make a Skype video call to your kids as Santa.

First of all, register a new Skype account and make a Santa related name. You need to add your kids as contact and make sure they will approve your contact request. If your kids don’t have a Skype account, you also should register one for them. You can get more details at songsforromance .

Second, dress up yourself to act Santa. Also you should prepare what you want to say to your kids in the Skype video call. Practice that for several times before you start the call. There are some other tips referred from Skype Blog: 1) A well-lit room is a pleasure to behold. 2) It’s best to make your Skype calls in comfort and serenity. 3) Steer clear of dark backgrounds or your facial features will fade away. When everything is ready, you can start the Skype video call and talk to your kids as Santa.
Christmas Skype Video Call

Third, you can record the Skype video call or change your voice pitch in the video call. It will be a great moment for you and your kids, especially when you are not at home when on Christmas. Please record the chat with your kids and it could be a best Christmas gift for you too. Here you can use AthTek Skype Recorder to record high-quality video chat with your kids. To make your voice to be more Santa-like, you can use AthTek Skype Voice Changer to change your voice pitch in Skype call. The program will enable you to provide a perfect Christmas chat with Santa to your kids.

Absolutely, when you know what Christmas gift your kids want, you will buy it for them before Christmas. We also provide some good Christmas gift for you. The two programs are in our Holiday Deals 2014 now, you can get them both with a 20% price OFF and a $100 Amazon Gift Card. And as always, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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