Improvisation-to-inspiration: how to use AthTek DigiBand as an idea generator in music composition

[PDF] Musicians need inspirations to write beautiful songs. Songwriting can be a somewhat tricky venture. Musicians will often feel the need to come up with something catchy, as well as words that fit well within the rhythm created by the music. But the hardest part of all might be coming up with a subject to write about in the first place. Sometimes, musicians have those rhythms in that dark corner of the brains and can’t seem to put them on paper. Sometimes, those rhythms drift in the air. Musicians need an inspiration to catch them. In this article, you will read something about an inspiration capturer which can work as an idea generator in music composition. It’s name is AthTek DigiBand.

AthTek DigiBand is the best automatic music composition software for Windows. It can generate rhythms quickly with one click. It can also provide some options for a custom music composition. AthTek DigiBand has been called as “Musical Idea Generator” by Kevin (musician) on July 4th, 2013. This was because Kevin created songs for multiple times with totally the same parameters, but what he got were totally different rhythms and new songs! This makes AthTek DigiBand be miles ahead of its competitors: it can really CREATE a new song every time! Rich new rhythms will be created in these new songs. Musicians can listen to all the improvisations to get inspirations in music composition. This is what “Musical Idea Generator” is really all about.
start page of AthTek DigiBand

Now, let’s try how to use AthTek DigiBand as an idea generator in music composition. Open AthTek DigiBand, you will see the launcher for auto composition and accompaniment. Click on [I Feel Lucky], you will create a new song in seconds with random parameters. Click on [Make a song], you will create a new song with customized parameters. The new songs created by AthTek DigiBand are generally copyright risk free. Listen to the new songs, you will find some inspirations for your music composition.

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