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AthTek WebAPP Kit is a smart rich internet applications (RIA) builder which can help software engineers to create B/S based application from C/S based projects. It enable software engineers to provide web applications service on their sites easily, with no HTML, Java, ASP or PHP experience is required.

How to deploy WebAPP Kit to a local server?

Before getting started to develop rich internet applications (RIA) with WebAPP Kit, you need to deploy WebAPP Kit to your local server or web server. In the following passage, I will teach you how to deploy WebAPP Kit to a local server. It is quite easy and you only need to follow 5 steps Continue reading

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Save $496 on AthTek WebAPP Kit in February

The special offer for business promotion has been expired at the end of January, and the new special offer for our new software product is coming: anyone who purchase AthTek WebAPP Kit in February, he can save as much as $496 from the normal price $995 for lifetime use. Continue reading

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AthTek WebAPP Kit Has Been Finally Released!

January 29, 2012    Development Center of AthTek Software ———— A new web authoring/programming tool has been released in AthTek Software, with the advanced features wating for your review.

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New Application is coming! AthTek WebAPP Kit will be available soon!

AthTek Software is preparing to release a new program for web application developers – WebAPP Kit. This program will greatly help web applications developers to transplant projects from C/S to B/S. Continue reading

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